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May 2, 2009


once in a while, i’ll become more or less fixated on an image. when some particular imagery burrows itself into my mind, my thoughts become tethered to it. I try to find real-life, tangible replications of the image and, if I don’t see it, I find it in more abstract representations. right now, the image […]

a part-encompassing update

December 18, 2008


existence: yeap, i still exist. this blog still exists. as i wrote in my first post, this blog remains a place to write whatever i feel like, and i’ve taken the liberty to make this blog a virtual place in which i can write whenever i feel like. so here i am on a coldfreezing […]

rosie thomas and sufjan stevens – the one I love

June 3, 2008


this song was released a bit over a year ago, but it’s made its way back into my “songs I can’t stop listening to” group. a haunting, breathy, and smoldering cover of the R.E.M. classic. *edit: updated the song link to an embedded file.

A Song For Milly Michaelson

April 15, 2008


every now and again, a song enters through my ears and makes a slow, smoldering course through my body, heart, and mind. I’m beginning to embrace more and more the connection between the metaphysical and the physical, the spiritual and the corporeal, and some songs serve as tangible reminders of such a concept. Thrice releases […]

wanted: band to warrant band name

March 27, 2008


I know a lot of people that hate driving. I guess the thought of being confined in a metal (or, in Saturn’s case, dent-resistant plastic) cage, weaving through mazes crowded with other metal cages, isn’t appealing. on the other hand, there’s me. I love driving. it’s an opportunity for me to rock out with my […]

stuff I’m listening to / stuff to which I’m listening

March 26, 2008


no, not stuff I’m listening to at this very moment. if that were the case, you’d be reading a few-hundred-word write-up about an extremely pretentious, grunge-hip mandolin/spoken word duo playing on the stage of rebecca’s coffee shop (come on, the “my mother was a drunk” line is a tad overplayed, no?). two 30-minute sets. two.. […]