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frivolous fears

March 5, 2010


I’m not a particularly brave or courageous person. I’m not an especially cowardly or fearful person either. I do, however, have a not-so-healthy dose of random and trivial fears that pop up from time to time, and I feel as if it’s time to list them out, partly for me and partly for the sake […]

quantitative comparison practice set

January 30, 2010


1. x = current ability to solve supposedly algebra-level math Column A x / years since you passed AP Calculus like a pro Column B x / debilitating fear of complete ineptitude A) The quantity in Column A is greater. B) The quantity in Column B is greater. C) The quantities are equal. D) The […]

much farther to go

January 13, 2010


welcome back, me. since my last post, stuff has happened. to be more exact, lots of stuff has happened. not too much stuff, but a lot. I’ll get around to that in a later post. I’ve never been one to make new year’s resolutions. well, that’s not entirely true. I made a set of resolutions […]

FAQs (cont’d)

August 5, 2009


Q: [after a haircut] Do you brush your hair? It doesn’t look like you do. Maybe that’s why you don’t have a wife. Don’t you want to date? Don’t you want a son? A: [squelch tears, weakly smile, wait til I get home to throw myself onto my bed and listen to savage garden on […]


August 2, 2009


as unpredictable and erratic as individual children between the ages of 6 and 12 can be, as a whole, they are amazingly consistent. somehow, they all prescribe to the same sense of fairness (i.e. things must be made fair when it affects me negatively and damn you to playground hell otherwise), hold the same loathing […]


May 2, 2009


once in a while, i’ll become more or less fixated on an image. when some particular imagery burrows itself into my mind, my thoughts become tethered to it. I try to find real-life, tangible replications of the image and, if I don’t see it, I find it in more abstract representations. right now, the image […]

my thought glock is loaded with bullet points

February 5, 2009


at muddy waters coffeehouse, sitting at the table on the mini-stage next to the window wall. I guess the novelty of portland’s weirdness hasn’t worn off yet, so staring out onto the street is still really fun. distractions are everywhere – counting the ever-increasing number of cigarette butts in the ashtray outside, trying to figure […]