hey. my name’s Paul. thanks for coming by my blog.

as of mid-2010, I’m 25-years-old. I’ve lived in Portland, Oregon since December of 2008. before that, I went to school in San Diego, California and stayed there a few years after I graduated. and before that, I grew up in a little place called Milpitas, California.

I studied communication and sociology in college and went on to become a copywriter and project manager-of-sorts. in typical young adult fashion, I questioned what I was doing and decided that I needed a change in what I was doing in the professional world. I’m in the process of figuring that out, but I’m sure that I want to work in the nonprofit world – that’s where my personal stuff meshes with professional stuff.

I like the internet, despite it being the internet. I like aesthetics despite the fact that it forces me to make seemingly subjective and arbitrary judgments and stand by them. I like beer and conversation, though not necessarily in that order. not to say that that particular order is bad, because it really isn’t. I like crisp breezes, too.

I write less than I wish to, but more than what my writing abilities warrant.

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