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Posted on February 3, 2010


leek potato soup

I can now check taking the GRE off my list of things to be done (#4 on my new year’s resolutions). won’t find out my analytical writing scores for another two or three weeks, but I feel that I did at least decently, and I’m satisfied enough with my verbal and quantitative scores.

after taking the GRE, I assume most people like to relax a little. never one to follow in lockstep with the crowd (except on.. well, I’ll be honest: a LOT of occasions) I went grocery shopping for produce. another resolution for 2010 is to purchase and eat more produce, so after completing one resolution in the morning, why not work on another one in the afternoon?

I stopped at freddy’s and new seasons and brought home a moderate, if not humble, harvest. here is said harvest:


there are some leeks, yukon potatoes, poblano peppers, onions, red leaf lettuce, red and green peppers, avocados, chives, scallions, and a few more things. it’s not much, or is it all that exotic, but it’s a start. (and yes, that hideous thing in the upper-left corner of the picture is a teapot made to look like a middle-of-the-woods cottage. it was a part of my christmas gift to aubrey. we decided to share joint custody of that thing.)

a few hours after coming back from the store, energized by my produce area conquest, I set out to follow Alton Brown’s recipe for leek potato soup, something I had always wanted to do but simply never did. I guess it’s the same thing as a vichyssoise.

a short tutorial on the proper way to clean leeks, a messy pile of potato skin, and a 22-ounce bottle of Hopworks DOA later, I had made this:

leek potato soup

leek potato soup2

didn’t taste that bad, either! I had it hot, which was delicious. tonight, I had some cold, and it was, as Alton claimed, refreshing. like, disturbingly refreshing.

next up, I think I’ll go for the poblano peppers. gotta find a fun, promising recipe..

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