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Posted on February 5, 2009


at muddy waters coffeehouse, sitting at the table on the mini-stage next to the window wall. I guess the novelty of portland’s weirdness hasn’t worn off yet, so staring out onto the street is still really fun. distractions are everywhere – counting the ever-increasing number of cigarette butts in the ashtray outside, trying to figure out why this guy has been standing in the middle of the coffeehouse for the past 20 minutes, enjoying my coffee – so here’s some short-attention span writing.

on portland:

  • people wear those beanies with ear flaps often. and without a sense of irony.
  • most people I’ve met came to portland from elsewhere. I may have met one or two native portlanders.out of eight people hanging at the Horse Brass on tuesday night, seven were from other states – maryland, new york, alabama, kansas, california, and arizona – and all pretty recent transplants at that. definitely makes for some great “back in my state..” stories.
  • the weather, I’ve been told, has been uncharacteristically dry. although I was mentally prepared for the rain, I count myself fortunate to have avoided much of the rain. of course, the NWS predicts rain for tonight and tomorrow.
  • oh yeah, I moved into a more permanent living situation. the 100-year-old house is located right between hawthorne and belmont and is pretty much the type of house I had hoped to move into. my two roommates are great, and a fat, fluffy cat named Edie rules the household.
  • smokers. many.
  • I’m regaining my walking legs. the walkability of the city is no joke. according to, Portland is the 10th most walkable city in the country.
  • everyday is still an adventure.

on unemployment:

  • my more general thoughts on this time in my life have already been laid out.
  • I’ve had two interviews with the Boys & Girls Club of Portland. though I don’t want to get too ahead of myself (and trust me, I’m trying really hard not to), I keep thinking how thankful I would be to work at such a wonderful place. to be a part of an organization that meets the needs of kids in a practical, everyday way… wow, that would be great. anyway, fingers crossed, but fists unclenched.
  • trust. in these times, who or what do I trust? my resume and cover letters? the people who are reading them? my unmatched charm? (gag). don’t, can’t, and come on, respectively. I am small, but my God is not. fingers cross, fists unclenched.
  • in going through unemployment, I think I feel an extra surge of joy for friends who find jobs. sharing frustrations and misery is good, but sharing in happiness and thankfulness is better.
  • budget budget budget.

on making a new life:

  • being able to navigate myself to a previously unknown location without the help of google maps was a breakthrough moment. it helps that a lot of the streets here are numbered and attached with intermediate directions.
  • I’m slowly making new friends, and I am thankful for each one of them. they bring stories, laughter, lessons, and a willingness to love. at the same time, this makes me extra thankful for the friends I have back at home.
  • the lack of a routine, I think, has been a minor hurdle toward full acceptance of this new life in this new place. at the same time, routines tend to choke away newness. hm.

alright, time to go pick up an end table. woot.

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