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Posted on April 4, 2008


I’ve always appreciated being the recipient of honesty and I’ve (hopefully) gone about most of my life in a way that affords other that respect and, frankly, personal right. so, on monday, I told my boss(es) that I had applied for another job. nothing guaranteed, of course, but I had at least cast my net.

from the outside-in, it seems like a puzzling decision – nothing’s set, so why raise red flags? I’d assumed that my job satisfaction was reason for concern by my superiors. regrettably, my body language more than tipped them off to a growing restlessness and anxiety inside. I honestly don’t believe that it hindered the quality with which I did my job; but, it was a noticeable difference, especially in comparison to the chipper, energetic portly guy I had established myself to be. accordingly, I took this opportunity to explain my long-term aspirations, how my current position didn’t exactly fit that path and how that had affected my satisfaction with the job, and that I’d found a possible position that would truly help me get to where I wanted be. I also gave them a timeline of my tenure here, as I’m 99 percent sure I’ll be out of southern california by the new year.

all in all, I think that it went over as well as it could have. they understand that I’m young and aspiring to other things, and they were supportive of such. additionally, I believe that they had expected me to man up to the standard I’d set for myself here, and up front was in line with that. so, as questionable as my decision was, it’s something I had to do.

so, this is just one of the many, many small steps I’m going to have to take between now and later. and, for the sake of my sanity, that’s the way I have to see everything I do until then.

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