one thought leads to another

Posted on April 3, 2008


  1. the reign of kindo is a fantastic band. they’re never going to become chart toppers, but whoever listens to their music will know that it’s something good.
  2. they cover the flaming lips’ “do you realize??” I really believe that this is the song most-often ruined for women by an ex. can’t really figure out an exact reason for this, except maybe that an inordinate number of couples deemed this “their” song. if you can forget the fact that “do you realize??” was written in reaction to/in support of a band member’s attempt to kick his heroin addiction, this was (and still is) a great make-out jam.
  3. make-out jams. top 12, in no particular order:
    • “this modern love” – bloc party
    • “milk and honey” – as tall as lions
    • “wasted” – angus and julia stone
    • “slow dancing in a burning room” – john mayer
    • “ride” – cary brothers
    • “never had no one ever” – the smiths
    • “how does it feel” – d’angelo
    • “transatlanticism”- death cab for cutie
    • “the biggest lie” – elliot smith
    • “fire and rain” – james taylor
    • “scatterbrain” – radiohead
    • “samson” – regina spektor
  4. unfortunately, I think I’m becoming more and more scatterbrained. is it too early to worry about senility or alzheimer’s? probably. but, as a person who has prided himself in exceptional short- and long-term memory, forgetting what I walked into the kitchen for is reason to panic.
  5. does anyone play Simon anymore? I remember it being fun, but I only now realize that it’s a game of inevitable defeat. sooner or later, you will mess up. computer memory > any kid’s memory. no wonder I’m so content with mediocrity.
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